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The Law of Existence - Poetry

February 19th, 2017

The Law of Existence - Poetry

light in darkness
darkness in light
good in meekness
beauty in might
grace in courage
wisdom in flight

easily spoken
seldom touched

compassionate destruction
and the pride within the fall
are perhaps the most elusive
of the lessons of the law

all in all

my lover and friend
so easily spoken

- David Miller

The Goal of My Work

February 1st, 2017

The Goal of My Work

Artist's Statement v.3.0

What is the purpose and meaning of "Intelligence and Confidence Without Apology"?

The items available on this site exist to provide you with tangible reminders of your worth and power in the world. The things you desire for yourself and those around you can, and will be achieved. To that end, here you will find tools that will help you to remember, and to share with others the most important characteristics needed to effect change within yourself, and throughout the world. The first characteristic is the ability to understand with rational clarity the problems faced by humanity, and the best solutions to achieve complete equality and harmony:


The second characteristic empowers the first. For having intelligence serves little purpose without the power to project your understanding out into the world to effect positive change. And to move in the circles of power and influence that will give you the connections you need, a self-acknowledging confidence is key. When I use the term self-acknowledging, I mean a confidence based upon what you are. Not upon someone else's vision of what you should be. Acquiring power does not come at the cost of losing your true nature. In fact, your value as an individual comes first and foremost from your unique perspective. Be who, and, all of the things that combine to make you a fully formed human being. Be that a Woman, Black, Gay, Male, Hispanic, Transsexual, and of course I could go on, but hopefully you understand that my goal is very much an inclusive, and equitable society of rational human beings. With that said, the second characteristic is:


And in case you are wondering if the appearance of women as models on these products indicates that my primary goal is to motivate women to see themselves as intelligent, and confident, while remaining true to the aspects of themselves that will allow them to bring new perspectives to the table as we find better solutions going forward, the answer is yes. Since there seems to be no shortage of men in power, I am very much of the opinion that working toward gender equality in places of power will bring a much needed expansion of the intellectual options available to humanity. And so I promote the idea that women should openly embody both intelligence and confidence:

Without the slightest hint of reservation or apology.

Incidentally, my work in creating images of nature and architecture arises simply from the joy of doing so. Any thoughts you have on my purpose, or my work will be greatly appreciated, and I'd be grateful if you'd be kind enough to recommend this shop to a friend. Thanks for stopping by. All images are Copyright © David Miller. All rights reserved.